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Following an invitation to join from a current member, applicants will attend a meeting and interview process before
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impact employee solutions

jay hughes

The company was founded as a mobile drug and alcohol collections company in 2011. As our local client base grew, so did their needs, and clients began inquiring about additional services required in their programs. We added services and built expertise to meet the requirements of our clients. With decades of consultative experience with large organizations, the IES executive management team began to bring on larger, more diverse clients. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, IES has grown to be a national screening organization delivering solutions that specifically align with our client’s visions and needs. Today we believe we offer the best customer experience available, providing a full suite of screening, compliance, policy and wellness services delivered with a level of understanding of your business and goals that is all but lost in this industry. We believe in partnering to create compliant employee screening solutions that strengthen organizations and impact lives. Impact Employee Solutions is the culmination of everything we’ve learned and become; a platform we believe provides programs, answers, and advice that maximize positive impact – that mitigate the risk associated with hiring and managing people BEFORE problems result.